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bp’s wider transformation is under way. Whilst today we’re mostly in oil & gas, we’ve increased global investment into our lower carbon businesses, convenience stores and power trading from around 3% in 2019 to around 30% last year.

Turning plans into action

Keeping energy flowing where and when it’s needed while investing to grow lower carbon solutions. That’s our strategy. And we’re turning that strategy into shovels in the ground every day

An aerial view of the charging hub in Kettering


Rapid charge

We’ve just opened bp pulse’s fastest, most powerful and largest UK EV charging hub.

Drivers in the Kettering area of Northamptonshire can add up to 100 miles in around 15 minutes.

It’s all part of our commitment to invest £1 billion in the UK’s EV charging infrastructure over 10 years.

The Ocean GreatWhite semi-submersible rigThe Ocean GreatWhite semi-submersible rig


Setting sail

With energy supplies tight right now, we’re getting a rig ready to head to our offshore oil and gas fields west of Shetland. Drilling new wells to connect to our existing facility begins this year.


Ready for wind

High-tech Seawatch® Wind Lidar buoys scope the Irish Sea before construction can begin on two new wind farms.

Our UK projects have the potential to generate 6GW – enough to power the equivalent of around 6 million UK homes.

LiDAR buoys deployed in the Irish Sea

An aerial view of the Argos platform


Argos starts up

Our newest platform in the Gulf of Mexico is also our most digitally advanced. It features bp’s digital twin software, allowing operators to make decisions remotely and in real time. That helps to keep our people safe and the platform running more efficiently.

With this facility, we’ve turned a 10-year plan into action. We estimate that it could ultimately boost our production capacity in the Gulf by 20%, helping us to deliver the energy the world wants and needs right now while investing in energy for tomorrow.

bp SVP of gas and low carbon energy Anja-Isabel Dotzenrath joins the ceremony to mark the beginning of constructionbp SVP of gas and low carbon energy Anja-Isabel Dotzenrath joins the ceremony to mark the beginning of construction


Trinidad and Tobago solar

Shovels went into the ground on Trinidad & Tobago’s first large-scale solar project. It is expected to eventually power the equivalent of 42,500 homes – that’s enough to power the entire island of Tobago.

Development and construction of the project’s two sites – expected to be fully operational in 2024 and 2025 – is being managed by Lightsource bp on behalf of consortium partners bp Alternative Energy Trinidad and Tobago and Shell Renewables Caribbean.

Nina charges her electric taxi cab in the City of London


London EVs get charged

It’s now even easier for EV drivers across London to get back on the road. We’ve just finished installing more than 300 rapid charge points for consumers and fleets, together with Transport for London.

Projects like these are what will get bp to our aim of 100,000 charging points installed this decade. We switched on around 9,000 globally in 2022.

Tank filled with renewable low carbon feedstock at Cherry Point refineryTank filled with renewable low carbon feedstock at Cherry Point refinery

Tank filled with renewable low carbon feedstock


Getting more renewable diesel on the road

Our team at Cherry Point refinery has doubled its renewable diesel capacity to more than 7,000 barrels a day, turning waste vegetable oil and animal fat into fuel for cars and trucks. 

This is expected to reduce the CO2 emissions resulting from the diesel produced by up to 600,000 tons per year.

That’s like taking around 130,000 cars off the road. 

Globally, we’ve grown our production of bioenergy by 17% since 2019.

Soil sampling at TeessideSoil sampling at Teesside


Off the ground

Taking soil samples is one of the first steps towards designing two new hydrogen plants and one of the UK’s first power plants with carbon capture at Teesside.

Globally, we’ve kickstarted more than 10 hydrogen projects.

An aerial view of an electrified well at the bpx energy site


Electrifying operations

No generators, no flares. Just power lines. Our onshore bpx energy operations in Texas just got a lot quieter. That’s because we’re switching on natural gas wells powered by clean electricity. Tying the wells directly into the grid means no gas-driven generators, no tanks and no flares.

We’re well on our way to our goal of 95% electrification by the end of 2023. 


Reimagining refining

We’re making way for a new biorefinery at our Kwinana energy hub located outside Perth in Western Australia.

Not everything from the previous oil refinery onsite is coming down, though.

Some of the tanks, pipelines and utilities will get a makeover and be used in our future operations. 

Demolishing part of the Kwinana facilityDemolishing part of the Kwinana facility

A new ampm store in the Bronx, New YorkA new ampm store in the Bronx, New York


New York store opens

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a grocery top-up, our convenient, bright and spacious ampm stores make shopping that much easier. We’ve just opened four stores in NY, that will join the more than 1,000 in the chain located on the West Coast.

The teams are already serving a lot of ‘crave-able’ food, as ampm calls it, from hot deli spicy chicken sandwiches to fresh-baked goods. We’re also bringing new jobs to the local community – every store employs about 10-15 team members. 


Harnessing the sun

We’re driving 46,000 steel beams into the ground in Fulton County, Ohio, as part of our first steps building a new solar farm. Once completed, that farm will generate enough energy to power the equivalent of more than 20,000 US homes each year.  

An Aral pulse EV charging point

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